I’m Teagan – Brisbane artist, teacher and founder of ‘Artist & Maker’. As a strong believer in living life to your full potential, I am living my dream of creating for a living and sharing my passion with others. If I’m not in my Northgate studio, you’ll find me teaching workshops, building my business or looking after my two boys Taj and Quinn. As of May 2021 I opened my own studio, gallery and workshop venue ‘Artist & Maker’ at 49 Toombul Rd, Northgate. This gorgeous space is perfect for hosting groups of up to 30 people for creative events/team building workshops/ bridal showers and more. I also have a dedicated painting space in my light filled upstairs area, where you can come see me in person via appointment. Creating is a necessity for my sanity! Over the last few years I have really embraced mixed media and letting loose with my work. My painting process is one of intuition. I have learnt to carefully listen to my inner voice, and trust each step of the creative process. This means that every brush stroke, splash, spray and mark is meant to be. Each colour choice is a reflection of my mood and internal thoughts at the time of creation. These paintings emit an energy that will resonate with the viewer, and evoke an emotional response.